New Fiba Court Layout A2 - Plugin
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New Fiba Court Layout 2
New Fiba Court Layout 2 anti-alias
Dribble Drive 2
Court Alternate Color 2

Field hockey
Jes Field Hockey 1

Ladder field
Ladder Field 1

TAA Handball 3
Jes Handball 1
Jes Handball 2

Jes Korfball 1

Lacrosse men
Jes Lacrosse 1

Jes Netball 1

Jes Ringette 1
Jes Ringette 2

Roller Hockey
Bo Roller Hockey 1

To install the plugin download the zip file below and extract the contents to the playbook program folder.

Download link Size Created for
New Fiba Court Layout A2 setup program 470 kB Basketball Playbook 010/011
New Fiba Court Layout A2 423 kB Basketball Playbook 008
With some browsers you have to right click on the download link and use the Save as function.

New Fiba Court A is a plugin for basketball playbook 008/009/010
From October 2010, the Fiba court layout will be changed. This change will be implemented during the next 2 years, so you might not notice it yet.
Changes include: (trapezoid) rectangle bucket, restricted area, wider three-point arc (not noticeable). The A stands for anti-aliased lines, which some users prefer above the normal ragged lines.

This plugin replaces the included fiba courts with the new ones.

Please read the setup and acitvation procedure on the Installing a plugin page.

The courts are available in 100%, 200%, 300%, 400% and 500% size.

Sample courts