New Fiba Court Layout 2 - Plugin
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New Fiba Court Layout 2
New Fiba Court Layout 2 anti-alias
Dribble Drive 2
Court Alternate Color 2

Field hockey
Jes Field Hockey 1

Ladder field
Ladder Field 1

TAA Handball 3
Jes Handball 1
Jes Handball 2

Jes Korfball 1

Lacrosse men
Jes Lacrosse 1

Jes Netball 1

Jes Ringette 1
Jes Ringette 2

Roller Hockey
Bo Roller Hockey 1

To install the plugin download the zip file below and extract the contents to the playbook program folder.

Download link Size Created for
New Fiba Court Layout 2 setup program 625 kB Basketball Playbook 010/011
New Fiba Court Layout 2 173 kB Basketball Playbook 008
With some browsers you have to right click on the download link and use the Save as function.

New Fiba Court is a plugin for basketball playbook 008/009/010
From October 2010, the Fiba court layout will be changed. This change will be implemented during the next 2 years, so you might not notice it yet.
Changes include: (trapezoid) rectangle bucket, restricted area, wider three-point arc (not noticeable).

This plugin replaces the included fiba courts with the new ones.

Please read the setup and acitvation procedure on the Installing a plugin page.

The courts are available in 100%, 200%, 300%, 400% and 500% size.

Sample courts