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Water polo Playbook 011

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Here you can download the plays and drills made by other users of the Water Polo Playbook program.
The plays and drills on this page can be viewed with the playbook software.

The plays are placed in zip files with the latest plays in a seperate file.

Submitting additional plays and drills to waterpolo(at) is very much appreciated.
Received plays and drills will become part of the database and might be published on this website.

Plays from February - December 2015 in a zip file (4-Dec-2015)

Plays from September, October 2012 in a zip file (4-Oct-2012)

Plays from March-August 2009 in a zip file (4-Aug-2009)

All plays from 2008 in a zip file (9-Mar-2009)

All plays from 2007 in a zip file (7-Jan-2008)

All plays from 2006 in a zip file (8-Jan-2007)

All plays from 2005 in a zip file (2-Jan-2006)

All plays from 2003-2004 in a zip file (3-Jan-2005)

Plays for version 0.8 of Water Polo Playbook in a zip file (6-Dec-2004)

All plays from 2000-2002 in a zip file (13-Jan-2003)

Plays till November 2002 in a zip file (18-Nov-2002)

Many thanks to Tom Ashton, Héctor Gasca, Jes-Soft, Sjoerd Nobel, Tim Jacobs, Jeroen Janki, Jorn de Haan, Erwin van Oijen, Kevin Bright, Tim Lipper, Jos van Ewijk, Ace Fok, Derek Kisling, Piscina, Jana Howell, Luc Rancourt, Auke Meijer, Brandon Lawrence, Giulia Longo, Jamie Cameron, Tim Kendall, Christopher Ramsey, Kyle Snyder, Gabriel Geanta, Steve Long, Chris Shore, Mark Young, Tim Larsen, Nikki, Scott Hirsch, Derek Kisling, Jimmy Dunsford, Michael C. Peterson, Joaquín Madera Gil, Paulo Tejo, Luther Weidner, Chris Falkenrath, Kathleen Qiu and Jerry Weathersby for contributing their plays.