Volleyball Playview
Volleyball playview for android allows you to view play and plan list files created with the volleyball playbook program from jes-soft.

Download link:
Get it on Google Play   Download volleyball playview for android on the play store.

  • It's free and can be freely distributed.
  • View play and play list files created with volleyball playbook version 010 or higher.
  • Runs on android phones and tablets.

  • Operating Systems: Android 4.03 and higher
  • CPU: ARMV7 with NEON instructions.

    Manual: Using Google Drive
    First you have to download and install Google Drive for Windows.
    After the installation check that Google Drive activated:
    • Check if the Google Drive is visible in File Explorer

    Save to Google Drive

    On your computer create a play or practice plan in your Playbook program and choose:
    • Save icon
    • Select Google Drive and press Save

    Open from Google Drive
    On your android tablet/phone
    Check if Google Drive is installed.
    • Open your Google Drive app
    • Tab the practice plan or play to open.

    A number of screenshots, please note that the app might look different on your tablet/phone;
    Volleyball playview view play in landscape mode

    Volleyball playview plan list
    Volleyball playview view play in portrait mode