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From version 008 of the basketball playbook program we use the following upgrade policy

Minor upgrades
Minor upgrades includes small modifications and bug fixes. These upgrades are free. For minor upgrades a letter is added to the version number e.g. 008 to 008c to 008t.

Major upgrades
Major upgrades includes new features, optimizations, and lots of small modifications. For major upgrades the version number is increased e.g. 008 to 009.
The upgrade cost of a major upgrade will be determined when it is released.
Any customer who purchased a previous version of the basketball playbook program within 90 days from the release date of a new major version can upgrade to the last version for free, download only.

The following upgrade is available
Upgrade to version 012 from version 008-011, go to the registered user area for an offer. Before starting an upgrade check your current version by checking the about box (File-Options-Resources-About).

Version 012 is available at the download page.

Changes since version 011
  • New graphics engine
  • Access to online plays and drills
  • Direct connection with the playview programs
  • Different sketch layout
  • Text tab changed into a card tab, more info