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If you have lost your activation key please go to the Registered User Area to retrieve it.

Submitting a play or drill is very much appreciated, you can sent your plays and drills to:

How do I submit a play ?
The following is a list of steps describing sending plays to other playbook users via E-mail:
  • Locate the play you want to sent and choose File - Save, this will save the play in *.EBP format
  • Write down in which folder/map and under which name you saved the play
  • Start your E-mail program
  • Fill in the e-mail address, and any comments you might like to sent with the play
  • To attach the play click on the paperclip or attach option
  • Browse through your files and folders until you have found the file to attach
  • Select the file and press Ok
  • Connect to the internet
  • Press the sent Button

    If you submit multiple files you might want to zip them first, this will decrease the file size by 80%.

    Received plays and drills will become part of the database and might be published at: and/or

    Other questions might have an answer on the Frequently Asked Questions pages.

    If you have a comment or remark about the playbook program or this web-site please mail it to: