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Here you can download the football plays and drills made by other users of the Football Playbook program.
The plays and drills on this page can be viewed with the playbook software.

The plays are placed in zip files with the latest plays in a seperate file.

Submitting additional plays and drills to football(at) is very much appreciated.
Received plays and drills will become part of the database and might be published on this website.

Plays from January, September, December 2012 in a zip file (12-Dec-2012)

All plays from 2011 in a zip file (11-Jan-2012)

All plays from 2010 in a zip file (5-Jan-2011)

All plays from 2009 in a zip file (4-Jan-2010)

All plays from 2008 in a zip file (2-Feb-2009)

All plays from 2007 in a zip file (7-Jan-2008)

All plays from 2006 in a zip file (8-Jan-2007)

All plays from 2005 in a zip file (2-Jan-2006)

All plays from 2004 in a zip file (3-Jan-2005)

All plays from 2001 - 2003 in a zip file (6-Jan-2004)

Many thanks to Bob Walters, Gene Essman, Jr., T.A. Ragsdale, Dave Bryant, Eric Hubscher, Shawn Davis, Ray Cotton, Larry Waldron, Jon Beaty, Jim McNally, Ryan Schmidt, T.J. Martin, Rob Freelove, Stacey Johnson, Brian Bailey, Trevor/Vickie Reschke, Jim Dillingham, Jeff Britt, Rich W, Mike Kay, Keith Wheeler, Jim Boghos, Ridgley Makins, Patrick Moore, Desha Hopps, Carlos Flores, Rick Totten, Adam Fortwengler, Timothy Nottke, Tim Hunter, Wade Murray, Mike Arevalo, Maurice E. Dolberry,Terranee Collins, Rick Beitelspacher, Ron Ortiz, Bob Rader, Tony Broome, Christopher Custon, Steve Cantu, Jason Wilcox, Ryan R. Willis, Tim Belanger, Luke Blackney, John Clement, Josée et Stéphane, Adam Smith and Dan Sebastian for contributing their plays.