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Here you can download the plays and drills made by other users of the Baseball Playbook program.
The plays and drills on this page can be viewed with the playbook software.

The plays are placed in zip files with the latest plays in a seperate file.

Submitting additional plays and drills to baseball(at) is very much appreciated.
Received plays and drills will become part of the database and might be published on this website.

Please note that the plays can only be viewed with the 011 version of the playbook program

Plays from February, October, November 2015 in a zip file (20-Nov-2015)

Plays from March 2013 in a zip file (6-Mar-2013)

All baseball plays from 2007-2012 in a zip file (6-Mar-2013)

All baseball plays from 2006 in a zip file (8-Jan-2007)

All baseball plays from 2005 in a zip file (2-Jan-2006)

All baseball plays from 2002 and 2003 in a zip file (6-Jan-2004)

Many thanks to Stanley Fleming, Jes-Soft, Gary Brotzel, Chris Dulavitch, Steve (Zezman) Smith, Darcell, Carlos Badillo, Dean Graham, Gary A. Larson, Steven C. Foraker, Troy Marshall, Rich Ruggiero, Eric Aldhizer, Tom Shilling, Chuck Abate, Glenn, Barry Magsanay, Brent Moore, Mark Clarck, J Klein, Scott Lubow, Brian Gorniak, Robert Kipness, Larry Tomkins, Frank J. Paprota Jr., Jon Garn, Javier, Mike St Laurent, MG Enad and Kai Hübner for contributing their plays.