Basketball Playbook 012 Beta
On this page you can download the latest beta version of the playbook program, installation and use of this version is at your own risk. Please backup your plays and drills currently in your playbook program first and do not install over a previous version of the playbook program.

First check your current version by checking the about box (Help-About or Basketball Playbook-About). Then check the changes list below to see if there is something you like to try. Then download the file below.
If you have the windows Beta 1 version installed please uninstall before installing Beta 2 or higher.
Note that on the first start the program might be slow, please restart.

Last update 27-Jan-2017
• First beta.(28 Oct 2016)
• Second beta.(19 Nov 2016)
Added Flip and Mirror. Rotate of some players. A default font option. Fixed a cannot find play fault. Removed some big memory leaks. Activated Undo/Redo. And a lot of bug fixes
• Third beta.(30 Nov 2016)
Backup on MacOS. Updates in plays directly visible on plan tab. Minor changes in the new play dialog. Conversion from version 011 to 012 updated.
The playview programs for iOS and Android have been updated, it might take up to a week or more before they will become available in the play/app store.
• Fourth beta.(30 Dec 2016)
Activated connect button to playview apps. Fixed a lot of minor things. Created an online help manual.
• Fifth beta.(27 Jan 2017)
This should be the last major beta. Added column printing. Tags are now available on the card tab. Fixed a number of bugs.

We didn't have a crash in the last few days. (If you have one, please let us know when that happens).
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Download links
Program Kind Date Download
Basketball Playbook
Basketball Playbook 012 - Windows 10,8,7 Beta-5 27-Jan-2017 Download
Basketball Playbook
Basketball Playbook 012 - macOS!!! Beta-5 27-Jan-2017 Download
Note: do not use an alpha or beta version as your main playbook program.
The download file size is about 7/11 MB.

Some pictures
The view tab 7 October 2016, 26 Januari 2017
The sketch tab 7 October 2016, 19 November 2016, 26 Januari 2017
The text tab 7 October 2016, 26 Januari 2017
The plan tab 7 October 2016, 26 Januari 2017

Flip and Mirror
Rotate players
Remember font when adding a new sketch
Undo Redo

Known problems
On first start program might be slow, please restart.
Allow players to be added on sketch 2 and higher
Memory management is not great

What is a beta?
We look at a beta release in the following way; we tested the separate functions of the program and think they work. We did one round of regression testing and think that all the separate functions work correctly with each other.
Also we might not add any new functionality until the program is released.

Why release a beta version?
We believe the program works on our computers/printers etc, what we like to know, does the program do what you expect on your computer.

What do I get for testing?
Submit an original and well-described play or drill created with one of the programs and we will send you an activation key for the final version.
If something did or didn't work the way you expected then please send us an e-mail to playbookbeta(at) with the following information.
  • A description of what went wrong.
  • Which OS are you using (macOS, Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7).
  • What kind of display you are using (1 screen/2 screens and color depth).
  • Printer you are using ( if it is a printing error).
  • A screen shot.
  • Any thing you might think is useful.

    If you find an error/bug in the program we can recreate and isn't on our list we will send an activation key to you.